From Marie Curie to Bessie Coleman, Mary G. Ross to Florence Nightingale, Patsy Mink to Malala Yousafzai - GIRLS CAN! CRATE is a toolkit for future world changers delivered monthly. We’re introducing them to world changing women to show them what’s possible all year long.

In 2015, when Megan's daughter was 4-years-old she said, "Let's play princess and prince - you be the prince and you rescue me." While there's nothing wrong with pretending to be a princess, Megan also wanted to make sure her daughter was able to see herself as being capable of rescuing herself, too. And because Alison and Kristen are also all about girls knowing how amazing they are, the three joined forces and GIRLS CAN! CRATE was born.

We started GIRLS CAN! CRATE because we believe in the power of girls. Most products designed for girls are about princesses, beauty, and care-taking. Between 3-4-years-old, little ones begin to adopt gender stereotypes and girls start to define some things, like math and science, as being "for boys." As they grow, studies show that girls are less likely to think they have "what it takes" and see a significantly bigger dip in their self-esteem as they hit adolescence. We think girls deserve more! Girls are innovators, leaders, creators - and they deserve products that reflect that!
At GIRLS CAN! CRATE our goal is to help girls become "girlsplainers," able to lead and speak with confidence, particularly about the awesomeness of girls and the accomplishments of women!

Sally Ride said, "You cannot be what you cannot see." Role models matter! Did you know that when Bessie Coleman was told she couldn't become a pilot in America, she taught herself French, sailed across the ocean, and became the first American to earn an international pilot's license? Or that Patsy Mink was rejected from 20 medical schools because she was a female, so she became a congresswoman and wrote Title IX to end gender discrimination in educational programs? How amazing is that?! We think the more girls learn about women like Bessie and Patsy, the more fearless they'll grow -- believing in themselves and their potential to make the world better, too! Each month, we deliver a toolkit to your door filled with everything you need to introduce your future world changer to fearless female role models who show them ALL the things they can be. Together, we can show girls they can BE and DO anything.

It’s such a privilege to join you on this adventure of raising strong, confident, and fearless girls. We are in this together!

Love, Kristen, and Megan

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