From Marie Curie to Bessie Coleman, Frida Kahlo to Patsy Mink - GIRLS CAN! CRATE delivers women’s history to inspire the next generation of world changers ages 6-10.

In 2015, when Megan Goodman's daughter was 4-years-old she said, "Let's play princess and prince - you be the prince and you rescue me." While there's nothing wrong with playing princess, girls should know they can be the heroes in their own stories! Representation matters - most products designed for girls still focus on their appearance and care-taking; by age 4, kids begin to see things like math and science as being "for boys;" around age 8, girls’ confidence drops 3.5 times more than boys; women and girls are still SUPER underrepresented in history books and media. Megan teamed up with 3 other awesome ladies, Alison Shores, Kristen Stoner, and Monika Goodman, to change this. Over the last eight years, our team has changed as Alison and Monika have moved on to pursue other passions, but what remains the same is our desire for girls (and boys, too) to know that they are amazing and can make the world better wherever they are.

Each month, GIRLS CAN! CRATE delivers a toolkit to your door filled with everything you need to introduce your future world changer to fearless female role models who show them ALL the things they can be. Before long your little one will be pretending to experiment with Marie Curie or climb a mountain alongside Junko Tabei. It’s such a privilege to join you on this adventure of raising strong, confident, and fearless girls.

Love, Kristen, and Megan

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