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Juliette Gordon Low: The Trailblazing Scout


Product Description

Introduce your fearless girl to The Trailblazing Scout, Juliette Gordon Low! Founder of the Girl Scouts of America, Juliette wasn't your typical late 19th century woman! A true renaissance woman who loved learning new things and meeting new people, Juliette wanted to create a group specifically for girls that introduced them to the outdoors, fostered leadership development, and more! The Trailblazing Scout crate includes: the 28-page GIRLS CAN! Activity Book, a fun activity to get kids outside and observing nature with their own nature journal & nature box, everything you need to make a DIY bird feeder, and practice your knot tying skills by creating a survival bracelet out of paracord! And don't worry, this box also includes a collectible button! *Includes shipping, a $9 value!*

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